Fleetwood's Styled Shoot

By Peak of the Mountain Productions

We were looking for something unique and different from our usual weddings. As a job we can not pick and choose our weddings so styled shoots are the way to go and they are a good way to reboot our inspiration. On April 2nd we all got together at Fleetwood’s, a vintage store who happens to have it all; a bar, music venue and a wedding chapel. All at once and always ready to host any event.

Thankfully we had the perfect models and vendors for this edgy event. Jon Pierce Fashions provided the perfect dress, the details and style were the perfect late 70’s California vibe, and what a way to pair them with the perfect handcrafted rings by Rhodes Wedding Co. Their style and care they put on their rings is every couple’s dream.

No wedding is ever ready without flowers, Stargazers Designs has been in a few of our weddings. Their work never disappointing, it is always so unique and fitting for each style.
Did I mention it was my birthday? Originally we were not going to go for a cake, but what was I thinking. Silly me. I am so glad we connected with Ivory Road Cafe and Kitchen their cake was perfect for what we were going for, edgy, elegant and romantic elopement for our models Ginger Wilde whose make up was done by Andrea Boyer, making her look her best, even throughout the long day of shooting and hard work of a wedding and Andrew Butko whose hair stayed stylish and sharp.

This array of great artists and designers, truly showed their remarkable talent and unique skills that can bring out the best on any wedding day.

Now comes to our part. We love to video couples who are adventurous and fully in love. Capturing Andrew and Ginger was a dream come true, as we could fully capture the intimate moments between the two, from a little smirk from the vows, to the confetti bombs that shot through the air. We specialize in the moment. The little details between the two. We definitely want you to not just remember your special day but relive it.

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