Icy Wedding

By Peak of the Mountain Productions 

          We were so excited when we got contacted by Brooke(Bride) to shoot her New Years wedding celebration. The original plan was to shoot a few shots of the couple at Jamie’s(Groom) parents house. We knew it was going to be cold with a chance of flurries. That had us excited for a chance of light snow, it always makes a great background for photos. After the couples photos we were going to meet them at The Grove Park Inn for more family photos and celebration of the New Year.
          The day finally came, my brain was running with ideas and inspiration. I got some sparklers and some string lights packed and ready to go. The weather was very cold and as soon as I got into my car it started snowing, thankfully their house was about 5 minutes from ours. I started driving and noticing everyone was driving slower than usual. Within a few blocks of her house I felt my car sliding a bit and then I realized the roads were getting icy. I don’t have a 4WD and my husband was on his way to help second shoot so I hoped for the best. Then behold, a MAMMOTH hill in front of me. I figured I would try my best and if anything I would leave my car on the side and walk up the hill. Thankfully that was not the case and my car narrowly made it up the hill. I was welcomed by a Hallmark movie style home. The ones where you feel a warm fire, and a beautiful energy radiating from the setting. I made my way downstairs to meet the beautiful bride. I was amazed by her natural talent to do her own makeup(eyeliner on point). Jamie her husband was there to help her add the finishing touches of Jewelry. I was so happy to be there and capture those sweet moments, between the two of them.
          As we got ready to adventure outside and take some couple photos, Jamie’s Mom delivered the bad news that the “Limo driver could not pick them up due to weather conditions.” The roads were too icy and people were getting into accidents and having to leave their cars on the roads. My husband was stuck in traffic. A 15 minute ride turned into a almost a 3 hour drive. Can you believe that? That also meant that the couple’s family could not get to them or even drive to the Grove Park Inn. The hotel was all the way up on a hill and the freeway was shut down as well.
          The Celebration looked like it was on Thin Ice, but Brooke and Jamie decided to put on ice skates and make the best of it(not literally of course). So we went outside with things that would keep us warm. They had each other’s arms, and I brought the fireworks(these brought out the fireworks in them). Even though their celebration started out cold, by the end of the night the fire between them was ablaze. My husband finally arrived to the rescue and we did one last set of photos, Vogue style. Jamie was wearing a Tuxedo and Brooke’s vintage style dress needed to be photographed. I’ve said enough, let’s let the photos do the talking!

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