Romantic Mountain Foggy Proposal

By Peak of the Mountain Productions

It was still dark when we got there so we got everything set up and waited for them to arrive. At first it was just us but another couple showed up. We pretended to be taking photos for “Asheville Magazine” and took some photos of another couple. Shawn’s girlfriend asked us if we could take s picture of them with their phone so we did. And as soon as I was going to take on with my camera Shawn gets on his knees and proposes. She said yes emphatically!!! And then it started pouring down. It was perfect!

After his proposal we headed back down and waited to see if the rain would stop, it was getting too crazy and we had to think about safety for them and the equipment. The rain usually doesn’t last too long so we decided to wait in the parking lot.

After realizing that the rain was going to stay a while longer we headed back to town, got dry, got some breakfast and planned to meet at another location. That is the beauty of Asheville, unlimited locations to shoot in nature.

We think Bent Creek did the trick!!! Super close to town, lots of locations and even though it is a local, popular spot. There is room for private shoots without anyone bothering you. Plus we would say it is quite romantic.

Thank you Shawn and Melanie for having us capture such a beautiful moment and Congratulations!!!

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