Most Romantic Mountain Wedding in Purlear NC

By Peak of the Mountain Productions 

There comes a time when you meet your person and everything flows perfectly. Nothing can tare you apart and even the dullest moments are fun when you are around each other. That is exactly what we have learned from Julie and Nate.
From the moment we talked on the phone to meeting them in person, we love their personalities and interaction with each other, we were more than happy to document and tell their story.

Julie and Nate got married on one of my favorite months, April 20th, I knew it was meant to be because my birthday is April 2nd, haha.
After a year of patiently wedding, the day finally came. Sky Retreat has become one of our favorite venues, no matter the weather, the place has a breathtaking view and that is all you need really, the property offers a salon for indoor or outdoor wedding receptions. They have a bridal suit and even small cabins for you and your family to stay at.
They day started cloudy, chilly and rain eventually came to greet us but it did not matter because every second was focused on the stunning Julie and Nate’s big smile. Nothing could have taken the joey they both had that day.


Asheville Photographer
Asheville Photographer
Asheville Photographer
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