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Joey and I started this filming adventure together after we got married. Our love for travel and the outdoors has played a huge role in our business. Joey spent 11 years in a band traveling the U.S and Europe. Now, besides being our second shooter, audio and drone expert he follows an acting career.

Betsabe (you can call me B) born and I raised in GDL Mexico; spent most of my teenage pursuing an acting and Tennis career. Writing, painting and photography have always been hobbies of mine. I went to college in CA to study visual effects and digital video wanting a career editing movie trailers.

Joey and I met in Asheville NC on 2014 spent most of our dating years hiking the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and driving to the beach.
We love to travel and we love to capture memories for us to look back to when we are older and remember how much fun we had, no regrets.

That is why we love what we do, we want you to have those memories. One of the things that we learned from Covid; things change quickly and nothing is forever. The only thing we will have are the memories.

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Photos: Briana Autran

Also, we would like you guys to meet our sweet Bonbon, he is part of the family and part of our team. All videos go through him first before delivering to each of our couples.

He loves to spend the day in the office going through clips and helping B choose music. He is truly a hard worker and cares about each of our couples.

You can also follow his Instagram @bonbondoesnotapprove don’t be fool by his angry resting face!


Watch Our Wedding

Joey and I got married on September 2016. We decided to say our I do’s in Folly Beach SC. We spent a lot of time here while we were dating and it is one of our favorite beaches. 
We had a small ceremony with our closest family and friends. We wanted to be relax and fun. We went swimming with our friends a few hours before we started the ceremony and it was perfect!

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