About Peak of The Mountain Productions


My name is Betsabe (you can call me B) I was born and I raised in Guadalajara Jaliso, Mexico; spent most of my teenage years pursuing an acting and Tennis career. Writing, painting and photography have always been hobbies of mine. I went to college in CA to study visual effects and digital video wanting a career editing movie trailers.

After living in CA most of my life, my sister asked me to help her open a coffee shop in Asheville NC. I said yes, with the intention of staying just one year. I never went back to CA.
After a few months of being open and mainly making coffee, my sister started baking wedding cakes, some of her clients asked her if she knew anyone that did video; she pointed right at me. Long story short, I fell in love with it and after 10 years of doing it, I love it more and more.

The business is growing and now I get to spend winter time in Mexico, documenting weddings there and coming back to the mountains during Summer and Fall to continue doing what I love.