Sunrise Elopement In The Blue Ridge Mountains

By Peak of the Mountain Productions // Photos by Carolyn Marie Photography

There is some sort of rush about waking up before the sun does. It feels private, secretive and very romantic. A time that you get to share with just the two of you. Catie and Constantine, drove 10 hours the day before to catch the sunrise and share their vows with the mountains around them. As the hiked up the sun slowly greeted them with some beautiful colors and warmth. The sound of the crickets, was slowly taken over by the sound of the birds. It was true beauty,  with the first look they shared.
Enjoying the view, sharing some laughs and just breathing in the moment was pure magic and out of a novel. As a witness, I was in awe of a such a moment. I was in awe of the love they have for each other. I felt blessed to be there to witness something so big that many spend years to find.

The simplicity and the romance of the day was shared with delicious pastries, coffee and lots of lots of berries. Catie and Constantine enjoyed their breakfast with a view. While everyone was barely waking up, these two were up an a mountain ready for their next adventure. We continued to another hike to find one of the most beautiful and fun waterfalls.

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Catie+constantine Elopement
Catie+constantine Elopement