Fun Couple Photo Session in Black Balsam Knob

By Peak of the Mountain Productions 

Joey and I have been so lucky to know so many kind and supportive folks. One of the best perks of our job. When we switch to full time back in 2017 we documented a beautiful wedding where we met Danielle and Carlos, Danielle was one of the bridesmaids. We didn’t get to talk much but Danielle kept following us on Instagram and spoke of us to other friends. One thing about Instagram is not the numbers but the attention you pay to the people that are there for you. Quality over quantity, always! That means knowing who your true friends are and cherishing those who have been there for you from the beginning.
We have been following Danielle and Carlos’ story and those two are such an inspiration, they have been together since they were in High School, 10 years later and they are still there for each other through thin and thick.

As a way for us to show how thankful we are for them we met at Black Balsam and documented their story, take a peak 🙂

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Img 4067
Img 2801
Img 3524