Cenote Elvira Elopement

By Peak of the Mountain Productions 

Photos By Luz Maria Avila 

We had a wonderful time documenting this beautiful elopement at the wonderful and dreamy Cenote Elvira located in Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo. Cenote Elvira is now one of our favorite locations for an elopement/wedding. As soon as we walked in, we were transported in to a peaceful space. We were surrounded and hugged by the jungle. I was amazed by the natural structure of the place and how well it all came together, giving you the space to celebrate any event. The whole day was spent mostly laughing and just enjoying the beauty and sound of our surroundings. 

Dany and Chris shared their vows at a one of a kind place, Riviera Maya is known by their crystal clear beaches, and the amazing lowest temperature being in the 60’s at night in Winter and an amazing High 70’s during the day. A mostly overlooked beauty of Quintana Roo is also its jungle and the cenotes. If you are not saying I do on the beach why not say I do surrounded by nature and blissful water falls to go along with a Mayan Ritual  guided by Bertha from Boodas, Ceremonias y Rituales Mayas.

Following the ceremony Dany and Chris enjoyed a refreshing drink at the lounge, decorated by the talented Tania Aguirre from Mandarinna Studio. Our jaws dropped as we walked around and saw all the details that went in to decorating this beautiful place. The choice of flowers, the arrangements and dinner table were all truly a beautiful mix that complimented so well with the space.
Who doesn’t love food? Food is the way to anyone’s heart (haha). We were so lucky to have been introduced to Chef Octavio Santiago. Just thinking about the food he cooked for Dany and Chris, gets me drooling. Chef Octavio prepared a 3 course meal and I hands down can say that this was one of the most delicious plates I have ever tried in my life. Ceviche, Salad and Grilled Fish that had everyone licking their fingers and plates. Who could forget the Guacamole? It was one of kind and we ate every last drop(after Chris and Dany had their fill of course) The El Machete drink had us swooning over the amazing mixture.(I’ll add the recipe at the end).

It was truly a wonderful experience, not only to document in video but to also learn and witness a different culture and tradition. We would definitely recommend to couples wanting to elope and get married in Mexico to experience the different cultures and traditions that each town has to offer. Mexico is not only a beautiful place that many dream of visiting, it is a country like no other. Its culture and people truly know how to celebrate life. Theres nothing better

playa del carmen elopement
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playa del carmen elopement
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playa del carmen elopement