Ten Reasons Why You Should Have Video Documentation Of Your Wedding Day

Photo By. Jeremy Russell Photography

Some of you reading this might be on the fence on having video or trying to convince your Someone Special that you should. I grew up photographing special events in my life, back in the 90’s and early 20’s cellphone video cameras were not a thing. It wasn’t till I was 16th birthday that my sister got me a video camera. It was not the best quality but man I went to town with it. Photos are a great thing to have but nothing beats being able to watch your family and friends through video. Being able to hear their voice and watching them move, it truly brings you back.

By Peak of the Mountain Productions 

  1. AUDIO the idea of a movie trailer is to get you excited for the movie. You bought your movie tickets and got your popcorn seating comfortably on your chair ready to be transported. But instead you are surprised with just a slide of photos. No audio, no movement, just photos of what the movie is about. How odd is that? Why wouldn’t you want that sweet audio of your vows and speeches?
  2. Movement just the same as audio, movement is highly important, there is no greater joy than that sweet moment of your fiance turning around and watching you for the very first time. That expression is priceless. Your parents face lighting up as they see you walk down the aisle, your family and friends dancing to the beat of the music.
  3. Time Capsule As a kid I always thought it would be cool to make a time capsule so years from now I could go back and dig out old memories. A wedding video is a time capsule of your wedding day! We know realistically you won’t watch it everyday or maybe you will, woo hoo! But imagine you and your fiance after a whole year of settling into married life and celebrating by watching your wedding video? It will take you back to that day, all those emotions you felt that day will be back. It is pretty cool!
  4. Sharing Is Caring Some people think that video can’t be shared or is too complicated, that is why photography is so popular. BUT that is the farthest thing from the truth! Sharing your wedding video is sooo easy. You can post it on your youtube channel and share the link with everyone and just how you post your photos on Facebook, you can do the same with your video! You can upload to dropbox or google drive and share with whomever you would like. Easy breezy.
  5. New Friends When you hire a wedding videographer you get more than a video, you get a new set of friends. Getting to know your videographer is as important as getting to know your photographer. You want them to know you in order to truly document who you are as individuals and as a couple. A friend knows all your quirks, your inside jokes, what makes you happy and what makes you uncomfortable. To be honest that is one of my favorite parts of this job, the long lasting friendships we have made.
  6. Piece of Art How cool are wedding videos nowadays? As a videographer, I am blown away by the creativity some wedding videographers have. The way each film is so unique, capturing the couple’s story and creating a once in a lifetime film. There will be no other film one like that one. A true piece of art. And it will be yours.
  7. No Excuse To Miss IT Sadly, not everyone will be able to make it to your wedding day or maybe you don’t want everyone to make it but you still want people to know how your day was. Having a wedding video will allow the people that could not make it, feel like they were part of it. They will be able to watch those special moments like your mom or sister helping you put on your wedding dress, your fiance looking at you for the first time in your dress, your dad walking you down the aisle and your first dance. What a great gift to give those who were not able to attend.
  8. To Elope Or To Give In A lot of couples want the option of eloping and just having a whole day of adventure to themselves and that is okay and you should do it if that makes you happy. But you also worry about your parents missing such a special day. You can have both! You can elope and have a party later where you can show your elopement video to everyone!
  9. Won’t Even Notice They Are There You might be worried that it might be too much to have all these people following you around with cameras, again far from the truth. we have had people say that sometimes they forget we are there! Make sure you ask your videographer how they work and what equipment they have. Most cameras nowadays are small and some even use the same cameras that photographers use. As audio goes, no one uses a boom mic, we have tiny pocket mics that you can barely see. Lighting? Most videographers use natural light unless it is super dark or depending on their style. Don’t be afraid to ask 🙂
  10. Best Investment Ever You already spent thousands of dollars in your venue, dress, food, drinks etc You have the wedding of your dreams. Your day is going to go by fast, you will be busy talking with friends and family, you might have a bit too much to drink and next thing you know you are in bed knocked out after celebrating one of the best days of your lives. Years will go by and memories will fade, your kids will ask about it and how great it is to be able to show it to them. I hate that there is no video proof of my parents wedding! To be able to hear them and see them have fun when they were young. Trust me, you will not regret having video. Invest for your future!